11/13/2018 Podcast

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author, JOHN CRUZ
he came out with a best-seller about a year ago with his expose, “World Banking World Fraud”…
he was working at a bank but got fired because he refused to defraud the general public with
what the bank wanted him to tell he public…

Ask him about how banks operate these days? Which tend to be honest–and how can you tell?
Which banks seem to be fraudulent–how can you tell? Do banks make deals with the Government–
how so? What is this Public Identity Theft you caution us about–elucidate a bit more on this to help
protect us? How is Congress getting along with Bank Executives?

Now John Cruz has a follow-up book that is getting a lot of attention–“Whistleblowing”…first give us
your definition of what whistle-blowing really is these days (Irwin here:I’ll have to send you the exact
title shortly…)

You can go to your computer and check out John Cruz the author … make sure you have the right John Cruz…

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