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BRIEF BIO: I owned the first health club in Massachusetts which was in Quincy, MA, called “President City Health Club.”

I owned the second health club on Cape Cod called “Preston’s Health Spa.”

I won Mr. USA in the 1980’s in Kansas City in the 1980’s..and placed second in the Mr. Universe which was held in Las Vegas in 1998.. These were “Natural” contests.
I was an undefeated amateur boxer in Boston, MA. (17-0)and got out of the business for all the reasons in “Room Full of Killer’s.”
“ROOM FULL OF KILLERS” won an “Irwin Award” for best fiction of 2017. The Boston Globe ran a brief article about my book last winter and it was bought out immedietely..I’m on my second printing..
HIGHLIGHTS OF BOOK: The book takes place mostly in Boston’s Italian North End…I moved in there from the suburbs to be closer to the only boxing gym in the state..Little did I know there was a mob war going on at the time…The book takes also place with my Italian family in the suburbs with much humor, music, homemade Elderberry wine and much, much food…So much that you might gain weight just reading this novel…The book is 535 pages…

1. What made you decide to get involved in Boxing?
2. Is boxing any different today than it was when you were involved?
3. How did your parents react when you decided to get involved in boxing?
4.How is the boxing training different than bodybuilding?
5. Would you recommend anybody to get involved in boxing?
6. How much does diet take into consideration in bodybuilding?
7.What do you think about Ali being called “The Greatest?”
8.Who do you think was the “Greatest” boxer who ever lived?
9.Did you make any money in boxing?
10.Would you recommend anyone to get involved in bodybuilding?

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