94,000 Public Employees & Retirees Cost Taxpayers $12B

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By Adam Andrzejewski, Author of “Operation Drain the Swamp”

Let us introduce you to the Illinois $100,000 Club that cost taxpayers $12 billion. It’s comprised of 93,798 public employees and retirees who earned a new “minimum wage” of $100,000 or more. While Illinois is broke, and it continues to flirt with junk bond status, the public employee class is living the good life. Our auditors found three doctors at the University of Illinois at Chicago with incomes between $1 million and $1.6 million; 633 educators out-earned every governor of the 50 states ($190,000 to $407,000); and 130 small town or government administrators made between $190,000 and $324,000. [more…]

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