actress-author-poet Jane Marla Robbins

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When Jane Marla was last with us, she scored points with her big seller, “Acting Techniques
for Everyday Life”–how to look and feel self-confident in difficult  real-life situations…she
tipped us off about an exciting new book upcoming for her soon–and now it’s out…
And it’s so timely, “Poems of Covid-19,” sub-titled, “Stuck in Lockdown:  The First Three
It’s truly poetry therapy–how it can make you comfortable–especially in these
horiffic times when we are  really locked up at home wondering what to do…
poetry can be an answer, says our adorable guest whose previous books on poetry
include “Poems of the Laughing Buddha,” “Cafe Mimosa,” and “Dogs in Topanga”
…tell us how you first got involved in becoming a successful poet…
You did have success as actress in your native New York as a playwright and you
starred in a number of Hollywood-made films…why poetry to your string of credits?
Everybody loves the way you recite poems, your style and your enthusiasm?  What
are your secrets you can share with us? You really comfort us with your poems–
but are they comforting for you as well?
Can you please select a few poems from your Covid-19 book and deliver them in your
most unusual style and delivery?
What tips can you give listeners who might be interested in writing poetry?
What else is on the horizon for you in the world of literature?
How can our listeners purchase your books?
What is your website?
Best wishes always for your added success, Jane Marla Robbins…it was a great
pleasure having you with us…please visit us soon again.
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