AK Patch 1/9/2020

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WHO was affectionately known as the GOAT THIEF?

Author AK Patch is with us today to discuss the background on a name dominating the news in the last week.


Great to be back with you, Jiggy. This segment could go way beyond the time we have today but here goes:

First the basics. One nations monster is another nation’s hero.
Iran is developing powerful capability and influence in Middle East. Projecting that power at home and abroad for the mullah leadership was Iran’s ALL-STAR Qassem Soleimani, general of the crack special Qud forces. Until he was killed by a drone missiles last week, he was a secretive leader, not one to be in limelight or to take credit for his so-called accomplishments for the Iranian State. He is the architect of “Axis of Resistance” a swath of adjoining lands Iran could influence thru Iraq, Syria and to the Hezbollah terror group in Lebanon, right on the border of Israel. I.E., He could drive his car from Iran to the border of Israel.

You ever wonder what a QUDs Force is? Have not seen this mentioned on the mainstream media. Qud means “Jerusalem”, or a force designed to force the Jewish state from the land of Israel. Iran and other Arab countries have threatened Israel with total destruction. So, as leader of the Quds Force, Soleimani’s goal would be to force to move or kill, if necessary, many thousands or millions of Jews living there to reclaim the land. 10-20,000 soldiers in QUDs and defined as a terrorist organization.

As we all know, deep-seated, complex problems in the Middle East.

What about Soleimani’s early life?
Poor family from S-E Iran. Worked in construction and at the water authority until he joined the Revolutionary Guards in April of 1979, quickly becoming a drill instructor.

Rose thru the ranks fast in the Iraq- Iran War of 1980- 1988. 500,000 soldiers died. Soleimani know for caring for his men, getting the nickname “The Goat Thief” as he would bring goats back to his starving troops after a mission. THIS IS WHERE HE GETS HIS ENDEARING NICKNAME.

He became leader of a crack division named the “Vengeance of God”. Became a favorite of Iran’s leadership.

He worked with the US against the Taliban in Afghanistan after 9/11, until President Bush declared Iran a terrorist state.

He trained militias to attack US troops and directed the making of roadside bombs in Iran to kill our soldiers.

In 2008 letter to General David Petraeus, he wrote that he controls Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and Afghanistan. WOW!!! ARROGANCE!! If listeners remember my segments on Greek mythology and philosophy, they would know that the Olympian Gods look down upon overbearing arrogance and will surely smack down to earth and humble the most arrogant. Caution! This goes for all of us.

3. What else did he do?

You have to look at his actions in Syria and Iraq civil wars and ISIS SUNNI’s fighting as strategic moves to also help keep his pipeline of arms and fighters moving into Lebanon to

bolster Hezbollah, “The Party of God”. Soleimani is a genius at knitting together militant groups with the government as he’s helped to arrange in Yemen also.

Most of us won’t remember that in 2018, he got into a verbal match with President Trump. Our President told the Iranian leadership don’t threaten the US. Soleimani told

Trump that he welcomed a war with the US and that Trump talks to world like Barman or a casino manager.

With the attacks on US and global interests increasing- ships attacked, two drone shot down, our people killed and embassy attacked, he became a bit too confident that he

might be untouchable. The man who could be described as an enemy version of James Bond, John Wayne and General Patton all in one, likely came to Baghdad to cause more

chaos and violence. Beloved and hated in Iran, President Trump ended his overbearing hubris. We don’t know the future will bring, but time will tell how the events on the last week will play out in the course of history.

What about your books, AK?
Get them on AMAZON Start with “Passage at Delphi.” It’s a blend of meat and bones history and the near future. Professors are drafted and sent to an ancient battlefield by a

mysterious taskmaster as training for a climatic attack on the US.

Be intrigued. Try to figure what’s happening in this series and where it’s going. Everything is not as it appears to be.

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