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Jackson Deforest Kelley- Better known as Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy from the hit series Star Trek is our
subject today with author AK Patch. The TV show helped to propel interest in Science Fiction, and Bones
McCoy is one of interesting and innovative characters. Were going to talk about his career, and some of
his memorable quotes.
1. What is DeForest’s early history?
Born in 1920, Grew up in Georgia. His father a Baptist minister and he liked to sing at the church. He
wanted to be a doctor, but visited an uncle in Long Beach at 17 and decided he wanted to be an actor.
On active duty as a bomber crew member in WW2, later he was discovered by a talent scout while
making Navy training Films.
2. How did he get going in show business?

Film roles in variety and drama shows, but a few roles as a villain., mostly in Westerns. In 1963, on the
set of the VIRGINIAN, he met his latter alter ego, LEONARD NIMOY, or MR. Spock.
Gene Roddenbery the writer-producer of Star Trek wanted DeForest for the role Dr. McCoy right away.
He was offered the role of Spock also and felt a doctor was a better fit!
in the 1964 pilot, overruled and didn’t get the part. Finally, in second season, he got the call.
3. What is interesting and entertaining about Bones McCoy and his verbal battles with Mr.
The are opposites. Spock is Vulcan with an Earth mother. He is all logic with a splash of buried emotion.
Bones is somewhat the opposite, all too human, logical but with the great emotion of a healer. They
played off each other perfectly.
His character if gruff, but humorous.
4. What are his well-known lines/ zingers?
To get contact, u should watch episodes
I’m a doctor, not a ….15 times. Bricklayer, escalator, coal miner

“When dear girl, when I peek, its in the line of duty.”
When he has to reconnect Spock’s brain, he finishes the procedure by saying, “I never should have
reconnected his mouth!”
“I’m beginning go think I can fix a rainy day”
Passed away at 79 in 1999.

5. How did this show affect your writing a time travel thriller series?
So many concepts brought up in this show, one of which is TIME Travel. It’s a vehicle I use in The
Apollo Series. I move my characters between the past present and future thru the Revered and
mysterious temples of Delphi.
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