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What are we to make of the news that a 16 yr. old won 3 million in a video game contest? Did anyone hear a collective cringe from parents worldwide? We have author AK Patch with us today to talk about this modern day obsession and an ancient philosophy to help deal with it.

1. So, what’s the story about this 12 yr. old?:

Kyle Giersdorf, call sign Bugha, He won the FORT-NITE World Cup and pocketed big dough. That is an incredible achievement considering the competition must have been overwhelming. So Congrats to this young man. We always appreciate hard work and realizing that kind of success.

But there aren’t many gamers winning that kind of money, and that the millions who play and only have their game scores to admire. Is the enjoyment derived from the games enough to offset the amount of time devoted? Kyle played 8-10 hrs. a day!!!!

2. So what’s bad about that time spent on gaming?

The national average is about an hour a day. Those wishing to be pros is more 20 hrs a week. I wonder if those numbers are low. Any parent in the audience knows how addictive these games are.

Time on games is taken away from homework, socializing and person to person conversations. We are seeing this become more prevalent with cell phone use also.

The games are attractive. You have goals to reach and they’re not easy. One keeps striving to win or survive in these scenarios. I’ve tried them. I like the games with historical perspective. Some have unbelievable graphics. For history fans, these games are fascinating.

Hard to lay down the discipline for parents.

3. So how do deal with the obsession of gaming, or obsession in other areas of life?

We cant help it . We’re human and we become addicted to pleasure. The ancient Greeks had a myth to demonstrate the problem with going to far. Icarus and Deadalus.

Don’t fly too high. Don’t Fly too low.

Delphi Apollo. Nothing in Excess. Keep an even keel. Polar behavior will eventually end up bad for most people.

Apollo is a character in my novel series, and even he has trouble following these rules. Sometimes, everything goes crackers.

Unlikely heroes is a constant theme in the trilogy written by author AK Patch.

. History has an unending string of compelling stories- they inspired me to write an adventure that involves the past, present, and future. BOOK ONE -PASSAGE AT DELPHI- BEGINS THE SERIES. Its about a couple who go thru Hell to survive in the ancient world and struggle to return home. They don’t understand they’ve drafted to help save the future of the United States. IN BOOK TWO, they begin to understand what disaster they might face in our time and they become volunteers rather than draftees.

In BOOK Three of my Series JOURNEY FROM DELPHI- The whole plot orchestrated from within, and from foreign shores, explodes. it. It’s an exciting, gritty, and entertaining story. Who will be willing to fight, and who will survive?

Go to Amazon today and begin the series. Summer is time. Time to pull a good book and get lost in the adventure.


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