Allan Patch 4/30/2020

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As usual with author AK patch, we’re going in a different direction and talking about a special brand of
coffee. What do you have for us today?

1. Shows Kalinga coffee. Gift from a friend. I’ll talk about where it’s from.
2. Where does coffee come from, AK?
Talk about history of coffee- we have to have it. Yemen- Arab caravans and armies- Middle
East bazaars- Belgrade- Introduction to Europe- Pope Clement-
3. Any other interesting stories about coffee? – Siege of Vienna
4. So, why did you show us that bag of Kalinga coffee? Its from an area of the Philippines that’s
involved in my upcoming novel. This new novel with be a paranormal mystery and involves the
possession of a Filipino couple from Kalinga but living in New York City. They become possessed
by spirits in the Paris Catacombs.
5. Here’s the twist- The story starts out in the chaos of the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. Napoleon
makes a last effort to rally France and they meet allied armies on the Belgian Battlefield. (visited
in 1970’s). Carriers pigeons. Who gets the info first makes money. Mixed couple runs the
network. Competing banks want the info. Murder. Catacombs. Unsettled spirits looking for the
proper prey. In walks the couple from New York.
6. Where can we get your books? Get the Trilogy on Amazon.

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