Author of: The Lake of Illumination: Convergence

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DeMont Walker was born and raised in Northern California.
He has had the opportunity to visit many lands over his 60-plus years of life. A love for
adventure, mystery and wonder came to him when he flew off to England at the tender
age of 14.
Back in those days, one could walk amongst the monolithic rocks that make up
Stonehenge, the prehistoric monument in the English county of Wiltshire. As DeMont let
his hands glide along the ancient landmark’s pebbly surface, he felt a visceral sense of
attachment to the past and contemplated how such things arrived at that location.
A few years on, DeMont took a trip south to the land of Ecuador. This is where the
inspiration for The Lake of Illumination first entered his soul. Hiking through jungles and
climbing mountains in this bug-infested yet mystifying land gave him food for thought.
Fast forward a chunk of time, and DeMont let the images of those trips take root in his
fertile imagination — ancient artifacts, mythic mountain ranges and a need for
discovering what lies beneath the psyche.
And the idea hit him that there is an artifact that has a peculiar power — a power so
immense that it can unravel the very fabric of the universe.
This, then, is the tip of the iceberg that propels a stalwart group of friends into
uncovering this artifact as they discover the very truth about themselves.

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