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Author P.L. Seawright has just released “Behind locked Doors”, a powerful novel that will forever change the world view of traumatic brain injury patients. Seawright, mother of two, resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma where she practiced as a speech pathologist.

After earning a Master’s Degree at Tulsa University, and post-graduate work at University of Oklahoma Health and Sciences specializing in Neurology, P.L. Seawright spent 22 years working with severe traumatic brain injury patients, witnessing first-hand the effect brain injuries can have not only on the patient, but family and friends as well.

“Behind Locked Doors” reveals the emotional journey, struggle, loss and abandonment experienced by brain injury patients and those around them. When asked why she wrote the book, Seawright replied: “I wanted to write a story that encompassed both patient and family as they battle the different levels of acceptance and denial, and helps equip them with a better understanding of what to expect and better methods of handling the changes, no matter how difficult they may be.” “Behind Locked Doors” is informative, well written and sure to be one of the year’s most sought after reads. P.L Seawright’s “Behind Locked Doors” is available worldwide, and thru Amazon Books as well as Barnes and Noble.

Author P.L. Seawright has completed multiple successful book signing tours this year across the country, along with several local signing and book fair events.

Not only is P.L. Seawright a distinguished author, she is also available for all talk show formats to speak as an industry professional regarding recovery and therapy, dealing with brain trauma issues that plague over 1.7 million American’s each year. These issues not only affect the patient but also friends and loved ones of the injured.

“Behind Locked Doors”, is now being scheduled to be produced as a Major Motion Picture!

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