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I am a former Christian from years ago who became a Satsangi (disciple) with a mystic Indian Master from India in 1976. Satsangi literally means
a seeker of truth.

When the gnostic texts from Egypt, came to light, especially the Gospel of Judas, I was amazed to see how similar the teachings were to Eastern Mysticism. Even identical terms and words were found!

What is more mind-blowing is that the whole narrative in the canonical New Testament Gospels is matched line-for-line and in order — but inverted — from the mastership succession narratives of James and Peter.

This is the what Dr. Robert Eisenman of Dead Sea Scrolls fame found for orthodox blood salvation doctrine from Paul compared with sources on James and blood-purity observances. Judas — not Jesus! — is the sacrifice of “the man who bears me” in the Gospel of Judas.

Why scholars all miss this is a story in itself, as it is due to religious bias. But the fact is, Christian teaching is now seen as derived and fictional, not true and historical. The early Church wanted to, and succeeded in, hiding that James the Just was successor Master.

It is even doubtful that Jesus was real, either, since a real Master would not have required a fictional life-story.

The case against an historical Jesus can google ‘Mythicism.’ I personally believe ‘Jesus’ to be a composite creation from the lives of John the Baptist and James, and originally a Pauline heavenly redeemer figure made flesh. The New Testament is therefore merely Church propaganda. Great reading, but not true history!

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