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he’s the multi-talented author, Ron Singerton – call him at 951-849-3870
he’s been winning all sorts of rave reviews for his current best-seller,
“A Cherry Blossom in Winter”–it was given the Goethe First Place Award
for historical fiction in 2017 by the Chanticleer book review company

first, Ron, tell us about the books you wrote before “Cherry Blossom”–you scored
quite a bit of success and the books helped pave the way for a fabulous career
in the world of literature

also, fill us in on your colorful background–where were you reared, the schools
you attended and what really sparked your careers…also your work as an artist,
with artwork in glass, stone, paint and bronze sold and displayed online, in galleries
and numerous art shows–wow!

if you don’t mind, read the two paragraphs that entice us on the back cover of
“A Cherry Blossom in Winter”

how different are you from other historical novelists? are most of your books
mostly fiction, meaning the characters and settings (locales)–what’s real?

with this book you really fascinated readers with the turn of the 20th century history
dealing with the opulence for the elite, militarism, anti-Semitism, expansion and the trans-Siberian

why did you pick the setting of the Japanese/Russian war (1905-06) as the real background for
this book?…so many of us still have a lot to learn about that conflict and its aftermath–an interesting
study of Russian and Japanese navies, battleships and admirals, among other fascinating highlights

of course, we’d like to know about the sequel, “A Blossom in the Ashes,” which takes place in the
Pacific, leading to World War II and Japan’s participation in that war…when will this novel hit the market?
And how long did it take you to write this one?

what about a movie for any of your books and are there any visual possibilities in the works?

where can our listeners buy your books?

and what is your website?

it’s been quite interesting having you as a guest and we wish you further success…we must
have you back soon to hear more of your extraordinary career…best wishes always from all
of us at KJAG Radio

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