Avoidable Hospital Infections

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Avoidable Hospital Infections

Guest Opportunity: Ty and Carole Moss – Preventative Hospital Solutions Crusaders and Founders of “Nile’s Project”

A set of 14 hospital-acquired conditions that the CMS considers avoidable accounted for 48,771 adverse patient outcomes, 3,219 deaths and more than $2 billion in excess hospital costs in 2016, according to a new research brief.

Patients experiencing these hospital-acquired conditions (HACs) were in the hospital about 8 days longer on average than other patients, with an average excess hospital cost of $41,917and their increased mortality risk was 72.3%.

How can we eliminate unnecessary deaths from MRSA, VRE, Staph and other preventable hospital acquired infections. You and your family deserve clean, safe care. Ask for it. Here are some steps……

Ask that hospital staff clean their hands before treating you and ask visitors to clean their hands.
Before your doctor uses a stethoscope ask that the diaphragm (the flat surface) be wiped with alcohol.
If you need a “central line” catheter, ask your doctor about the benefits of one that is antibiotic-impregnated or antiseptic-coated to reduce infections.
If you need surgery, choose a surgeon with a low infection rate.
Ask your doctor about keeping you warm during surgery.
These are just a few of the steps needed to stay clean. Ty and Carole Moss have been leaders in the awareness charge when it comes to hospital cleanliness and can elaborate on the rest of the steps for you or a loved one to stay clean!

Ty and Carole Moss can use their experience with the unfortunate death of their 15 year old to elaborate on the need to act fast, early identification, appropriate rapid treatment and preventative solutions they have learned by their scientific and expert partners at the CDC (The CDC Centers For Disease Control and Prevention). The Moss’s include lifesaving information the CDC recently launched their national Get Ahead of Sepsis “know the signs act fast” campaign and offer their take on “Nile’s Project” as it gives back to the community. For the last several years the Moss family has been engaged in making healthcare safer from a local, state and federal level. They have identified many critical areas of healthcare, policy, prevention, and awareness that cost the life of their son. They are eager to share their findings along with solutions that can prove to be lifesaving.

Meet Ty and Carole Moss:

Ty Moss is an American Musician, Song Writer Music Producer with 26 songs distributed nationally. You hear his music performed by international artists you can even down load his big hit with Carlos Santana’s Everybody’s Everything as a ringtone on your iPhone at theApp. store or Google Play.

For more than 30 years Ty has been an active voting member for NARAS National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences as a voting member for the Grammy’s making sure to use this platform to fight for artists rights for fare pay and compensation reform meeting with lawmakers in various states including Washington DC. In addition to his work in music Ty retired from his 29 year career at Sprint as global account manager empowering his clients like Kinko’s, Nestle and Taco Bell prior to his Patient Safety Leadership career as CEO of Nile’s Project.

Carole Moss Built unique technology solutions from the ground up that solved business, government and humanitarian problems for more than 20 years as strategic alliance principal at Sprint, Centurylink/Qwest, Dell, AirWatch and Computer Sciences Corp before leading the Patient Safety Healthcare policy, education and awareness efforts at Nile’s Project.

Ty and Carole Moss are on a mission to improve patient outcomes and make healthcare safe by sharing one personal healthcare story at a time. For 11 years Ty and Carole have taken their responsibility as patient safety leaders very seriously after learning their son Nile Calvin Moss’s life ended at 15 due to hospitals failure to follow proven best practices including health care professionals not taking his signs of sepsis seriously, a delay that ended his life.

In memory of Nile the Mosses established Nile’s Project a patient safety, public health awareness organization 501C3 educating the public through concerts, speaking venues and drive-time radio. Nile’s Project partners with the public, consumer groups federal and state agencies to improve health policy that improves patient outcomes and saves lives.

For more information visit: www.nilesproject.com

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