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 I am totally against Socialism; it will destroy America.  It is too close to Communism for comfort.  I told Irwin that the Constitution should be discussed.  It has protected the rights of American citizens for almost 250 years.   If people are not aware of how the Constitution protects American citizens, they will have no regard for it.  Many have not been taught anything about it.  
 Today Antifa, which is also funded by George Soros, shows up at  venues where Conservatives are speaking…to prevent their right of free speech.  The Internet has Twitter and Facebook being censored.  People can not tell the truth about vaccines or mention the name George Soros, etc.  Our First Amendment Right of free speech has almost been lost; along with freedom of worship in different states.  .
If we don’t know our Constitutional rights, we will be enslaved or gone.   The second Amendment must be acknowledged.  Venezuelans warned America…hold on to your guns.  
There are many groups who have designs on America. They are like vultures waiting to take over.  Most Americans have been lulled into a false sense of security; thinking.the government will protect them.
 I understand the Communist People’s Party (CPP) has bought out Twitter…and is buying quite a lot of American real estate.  Mexico does not permit non-Mexicans to buy real estate. Why are foreign nationals permitted to do things like this in America?  I am someone who simply loves America and wants it to survive.  I try to find out as much as possible and do my best to pass the info on.  What good is money, when there will be no place to spend it?  Marxist/Socialists are out to eliminate American businesses (and jobs).  Biden said that when he takes over, he will cut out Ten Million jobs.   The Marxists and other groups plan on taking over America?  These groups are out to destroy the American System of Free Enterprise.
The Communist People’s Party (CPP) is vile.  It is harvesting the organs of Buddhist monks, while they are alive?  Barbarism is still rampant in the 21st Century. 
 Take a look at Planned Parenthood harvesting and selling  the organs of aborted babies…up to the time of a living birth.  Bill Gates’s parents worked at Planned Parenthood; and he condones what the organization is doing.  I totally realize there is a population problem, but there has to be a better answer than the barbaric murderous  methods that are being used to lower the population.  I have also read about all the people in different countries that Bill Gates has destroyed with his vaccine side effects. One of the leaders in Italy spoke out and said that Bill Games  should be indicted for his crimes against humanity. 
 Thousands of decent caring doctors are against poorly tested,  rushed-to-market vaccines that could seriously harm millions of people.  The flu vaccine is not harmless; many have died after getting it.  No vaccine is totally safe.  The vaccine Court has given out over $4 Billion to those who have been injured or died from vaccines..  The parents pay for the vaccine court from a fee charged with every vaccine given.  The vaccine manufacturers have no liability for products, if they injure or kill anyone.  The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 took them off the hook.  Since then vaccines increased from 11 to 72.  They had a built in market with the schools mandating vaccines; so they acquired massive amounts of money.  One of the richest industries in the world. They use their money to control Congress and the media, too.
I am totally into our Creator and know…everything we do is known…not a sparrow falls that our Maker is not aware.  People will pay, dearly for harming others, but I pray there will still be a habitable planet left for those who survive. 
Pray for the best outcome; Sooner, rather than later.  
Thank you for asking me back to your show.  
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