Bilingual Storytelling

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Guest Opportunity: Patricia Bossano – Expert Translator & Interpreter, Award-Winning Author of the Fantasy Novels Faery Sight, Cradle Gift, Nahia, and Supernatural Enthusiast.

In recent news, a library is giving kids an opportunity to get past the anxiety of learning a second language to help them overcome communication barriers later in life. Bilingual storytelling is being offered to promote learning of a different language in a no-pressure setting.

Organizers said kids retain new languages easier, they’re eager to learn, and it will help them connect better with people along the way. Will this new way of thinking or learning catch on?

Patricia can answer the following questions…

Is the idea of incorporating a 2nd language to elementary education something more people should focus on?

Will making our youth learn other languages help them succeed in our society?

How long have you been in the translation and interpretation business? Have you seen an increase in the number of bilingual or multi-language speakers?

What made you want to become a writer?

When did you become fascinated with the Supernatural world?

Tell the audience about the Faerie Legacy Series and when it was born?

Meet Patricia Bossano:

* Award-Winning Author of the Fantasy Novels Faery Sight, Cradle Gift, Nahia

* Bilingual Communicator: Member of the American Translators Association

* Expert Translator & Interpreter

* Supernatural Enthusiast

* Contributed to the Tales Books: Carolina Blue, 205 ½ 25th Street and Alison….These 3 paranormal tales are currently being re-mastered into a new collection. The 7 Ghostly Spins, this book is slated for publication Fall 2018

For more information Patricia and Her Books visit:

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