Book Review / Interview Op – Bonjour, Breast Cancer – I’m Still Smiling: Wit, Wisdom, & Optimism for Beating the Breast Cancer Blues

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Bonjour Breast Cancer Offers Uplifting Strategies For Facing Each Challenge With Humor And Positivity

North Brunswick, NJ, August 14, 2019 — For those women (and men), who receive a diagnosis of breast cancer, there is nothing more panic-inducing. The brain can travel to some dark places and linger there forever without proper intervention. Enter Princess Diane von Brainisfried (aka Diane Young Uniman), an award-winning writer and breast cancer survivor who aims to help others rediscover their happy headspaces with her irreverently humor-filled new release, Bonjour, Breast Cancer — I’m Still Smiling!

Written with a deliciously humorous tone, this essential guide to beating the breast cancer blues combines von Brainisfried’s own experiences and insights with research-based positive psychology strategies. Along the way, she shares wisdom from Socrates, Cherokee legends and her own Jewish great-grandmother to help those facing cancer diagnoses reclaim their happiness mojo and move from fear and despair to positivity and optimism.

From her own breast cancer diagnosis to chemo, baldness, double mastectomy, radiation —and 3-D nipple tattoos — she holds nothing back, imparting refreshing honesty (that’s always dappled with humor) to encourage and empower others on their journeys. Bonjour, Breast Cancer — I’m Still Smiling! is the closest thing to having a hand to hold onto throughout any difficult experience.

Some of the secrets inside:

• Create blessings out of bad news without needing a magic wand
• Comfort family and others
• Tame fear when it is acting like a monkey and going bananas
• Find the pluses when they pop up

Regaining equilibrium and reclaiming happiness following a cancer diagnosis is not easy. It’s OK to wallow — for a moment. Bonjour, Breast Cancer — I’m Still Smiling! shares a king’s ransom of practical advice and wisdom to find positivity in the face of the challenges posed by breast cancer and everything that goes with it.

When author Princess Diane is not smashing champagne bottles over the bows of ships or blogging her brains out at her palace desk, she’s a motivational speaker and certified positive psychology life coach, the optimist expert for the Women’s Health Institute of Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, and was a facilitator at Miami’s World Happiness Summit. When the Princess is not wearing her tiara, she is known as Diane Young Uniman, a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of The University of Pennsylvania and criminal justice appeals attorney turned writer of screenplays and musicals. Her work has been featured at Lincoln Center’s Broadway’s Future series and was accepted into Fringe/NYC. She has won over 50 awards for her screenplays and musicals and an ASCAP award for writing. Diane is also an opera singer and an advanced student at the New York School of Practical Philosophy. Bonjour, Breast Cancer — I’m Still Smiling! is her first book.

To learn more, please visit or connect with her on multiple social media platforms:;;;;; or

Bonjour, Breast Cancer — I’m Still Smiling! Wit, Wisdom, & Optimism for Beating the Breast Cancer Blues
Publisher: HarMaxiProductions, LLC
Release Date: September 2019
ISBN-10: 1732658609
ISBN-13: 978-1732658608
Available on Amazon at:



Q & As available upon request.


Tal Ben-Shahar, best-selling author of Happier and Choose the Life You Want:
“Witty and serious, fun and rigorous, this book is exactly what the doctor (and psychologist) would prescribe! Bonjour, Breast Cancer — I’m Still Smiling! can be a life changing and life affirming gift to any cancer patient and to anyone else afflicted by physical or psychological illness.”

Teresa M Schaer, MD, Internist and Geriatrician, Signature Health Solutions: “The beauty of this book is that a person doesn’t need to have breast cancer to learn and incorporate the wisdom that Princess Diane imparts. It is truly a guidebook for survival. A person facing a diagnosis of any disease or condition ….can take her words to heart, act on them, and come out seeing with new eyes and smiling with refreshed optimism. …I will be recommending this book to many as they try to find ways to manage their conditions and emotions to a better sense of wellbeing.”

Calvin Schwartz, Senior Writer, Producer, co-host, NJ “The Princess’s book is an emotional roller-coaster journey and romp of a breast cancer survivor, written as if personally talking to you — which is an art form. It is a romp partly because of its positivity, soul, humor, fear, spirituality, synchronicity in the universe, family, friends, sleepovers, optimism, the gift of now and being “hoit” and bald… [This book] should be shared with those close and far.”

Hannah Bubis, President, Cre8MediaHub: “This book is brilliant, witty, poignant, profound, funny, inspiring, and so well written. I absolutely love how Princess Diane weaves psychological theory and research with personal stories and meaningful quotes and allegories…. She’s a warrior, and this book is powerfully optimistic!”

Possible discussion topics for Princess Diane:

• How to beat the breast cancer blues
• How to be royally happy, without quitting your day job
• Secrets of a non-recovering laughaholic — the ultimate guide to radical transformation for health, healing and supreme joy
• How to lead a royally happy, radially fulfilled, richly meaningful life
• The transformational power of forgiveness — how to get there and why you should
• Writers and collaboration — great tips to make it fun and fabulous

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