BOOK: What About The Boy- A Fathers Pledge To His Disabled Son

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Stephen Gallup

TOPIC-BOOK: What About The Boy- A Fathers Pledge To His Disabled Son

BIO: Stephen Gallup holds a BS degree in chemistry and zoology (a pre-medical curriculum) and an MA in English from the University of Virginia. Stephen has worked continuously as a technical writer since 1977. Prior to his son’s birth in 1985, he had also written personality and travel features for various newspapers as well as short fiction that appeared in small literary journals.

Stephen Gallup’s life changed fundamentally with the birth of his disabled son Joseph. Recognizing the problem, he pursued answers that he felt certain must exist. After consulting with physicians for more than a year, and reluctantly concluding that they had no answers, he found and implemented an intensive treatment campaign that resulted in dramatic improvements in his son’s condition. Facing the limitations of that course, he continued to educate himself on available options, meanwhile writing a book that explores the limits of what we can learn and do.

Date Recorded: 8/7/2012

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