Boycott American Companies

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Malcolm Out Loud, National News and Political Commentator

Malcolm has been seen on FOX News and CNN. He’s witty, articulate, controversial and is NO HOLDS BARRED!

So many of us are complaining that American companies are shipping jobs overseas to find cheaper labor. American institutions like Apple, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and Nike are betraying us exporting American jobs while raising prices despite the savings of their cheap foreign workforce. The question is: are we being hypocrites for buying these goods for cheap? Or should we apply pressure and even boycott U.S. Firms that outsource?

These companies need to be help accountable for abandoning this great nation. The people need to speak with their wallets and boycott companies who ship American jobs overseas. To make it worse, the foreign workers that get these jobs frequently suffer from substandard working conditions, poverty level pay and subhuman treatment.

Date Recorded: 3/7/2012

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