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In , THE CLEAN ENERGY AGE: A Guide to Beating Climate Change (Rowman & Littlefield: Oct 9, 2018) Bruce Nagyprovides practical and actionable tips for homeowners to use green living options to save money in their homes every day.

Nagy’s tips can help homeowners reduce electric, water and gas bills.  He provides specific examples – such as how Brad Pitt helped finance the rebuilding of the Ninth Ward in New Orleans – using clean energy solutions that made the houses more affordable to both purchase and maintain.  Nagy even guides homeowners to government programs that can assist in paying for energy saving changes to their homes.

Bruce Nagy is available for interviews immediately through Friday, November 30, 2018.  We can also provide a basic checklist for your radio station website so listeners can download easy to implement tips for making their house more efficient and cheaper to maintain and live in.

THE CLEAN ENERGY AGE is based on Nagy’s 16 years of research, 700+ interviews with experts, and more than 150 articles on clean technology, government programs and energy economics.  Nagy works with companies to develop clean technology initiatives.

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