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The Riot Grrrl Sessions
GMR Music
15 June 2018
“Riot Grrrl Sessions is the result of what twelve of Sweden’s sharpest rock musicians made when they gathered for one weekend to create. From the first riff to the last runout, everyone who has been part of the project is a woman, transperson or non binary. Amongst the members of this project we find Twin Pigs guitarist Canan Rosén, Kajsa Grytt, ex- Crucified Barbara guitarist and drummer Klara Force and Nicki Wicked, Frida from Baboon Show, Maja from Heavy Tiger and many more.

It’s furious, sweaty and in your face. Riot Grrrl is back!”

– Canan Rosen


Riot Grrrl Sessions is a music and art project based in Stockholm, Sweden. In September 2017 a dozen punk and rock musicians from different bands joined forces in a studio for one weekend to write, rehearse and record the world’s first Riot Grrrl Sessions which will be released upon the world in February 2018 and in North America in June 2018.


“There are so many talented riot grrrls out there and everyone is busy with their current bands, which is awesome. But what if I was able to take only a minimum of their time to start something new? Because the world needs more great music. More Riot Grrrl music.”

That’s how the whole idea of Riot Grrrl Sessions came alive. Canan Rosén, a punk rock musician from Stockholm, Sweden, came up with the idea: One weekend in a studio, a dozen riot grrrls, writing, rehearsing and recording an album. A feminist, separatist union working towards the same goal.

In the spirit of DIT- doing it together, the project came alive.


On April 9, the World Riot Grrrl day, we released a crowdfunding campaign. We crushed our goal receiving a total of 119% of it.

Musicians and artists were contacted, the studio was booked and the whole logistic puzzle started to take shape. Lyrics and riff ideas were sent back and forward until the first day of the session. 12 musicians, 13 ideas for songs and as many constellations. There were people everywhere in the studio, recording, rehearsing and hanging out getting to know each other. We came out of the studio with 13 masterpieces – crushing, phenomenal feministic lyrics, furious riffs and in your face attitudes.

Also, two photographers and a film team of four documented every step we took. Everyone in the project plays an important role. We work very close with a lawyer who’s specialized in the music industry and we have an extremely talented and dedicated graphic designer on board. We even had two persons working for free in the studio just supporting us, getting us food and cheering us on. Riot Grrrl Sessions exists as a result off all of these amazing people.


15th of June. Mark your calendar. We will bring you an album, kick ass photographies and a movie about the first Riot Grrrl Sessions. This is when we change history and writes herstory.


Canan Rosén – Vocals, Guitar, Bass

Twin Pigs, Tiger Bell

Madeleine Frankki – Vocals, synth

Snake, Night Terror

Kajsa Grytt – Vocals, Guitar

Solo artist, Tant Grytt

Agnes Eriksson – Vocals, Guitar

Call Cat

Katja Lindeberg – synth

Haj 300, Drömfakulteten

Tess Törnqvist – Vocals, guitar, drums

Memoria, Snake

Klara Force – Vocals, Guitar

Ex- Crucified Barbara, The Heard

Frida Ståhl – bass, Vocals

The Baboon Show

Manuela De Gouveia – vocals, bass


Nicki Wicked – Vocals, Drums

Ex-Crucified Barbara, The Heard

Maja Samuelsson – Vocals, Guitar

Heavy Tiger

Hanna Engström – Vocals, Drums


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