Carl Logrecco

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Carl Logrecco (Coach CarlTM) started his coaching company in La Jolla, California in 2000,

using a pre-paid cellphone working out of his truck. Seventeen years later, he’s at the forefront of

the world’s most innovative program committed to revolutionizing businessmen, entrepreneurs

and fathers into dynamic men who live powerfully.

Coach Carl’s dynamic approach has been featured by The Los Angeles Business Journal, PR

Newswire and many more. He’s written several ground-breaking books, including Sell Yourself

Rich (2009), and his best-seller Healthy, Wise & Amazing Women (2011). He’s due to launch

Setback Now Forward, Having the Courage to Rise Again, Solo Dads Are Superheroes, and

Connect & They Will Buy in 2017.

Described as ‘fantastic, uncanny, and savvy’ by Authors of The Secret, Logrecco’s unique

approach is recognized for bringing clients results in the multi-millions. He has been called upon

by authors of The Secret, billionaire Bill Bartmann, and over 500 clients.

Over the past 17 years, Carl has personally coached hundreds of doctors in practice management

and patient communications, and facilitated more than 100 seminars in personal transformation

for doctors and children. In 2015, he became a prizefighter for setback survival, reinventing his

entire company to focus on elevating men by providing them with a framework to overcome

physical and emotional challenges for a deeper, more raw and accomplished journey.

His ‘show up and lead’ strategy spotlights the New Masculine in all his upcoming work. He now

dedicates his time to Rarity World Wide, a rapidly growing monthly men’s organization that

tackles the most important aspects of men’s lives: relationships, business, family, and sexuality.

Carl is based in California, working remotely with clients all over the U.S. When not consulting,

he spends most of his time travelling, fishing, and with his main sidekick, daughter Tristin,

whom he delivered. He also spends time travelling to India, Africa, Haiti and Indonesia

providing humanitarian aid to children.

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