Amazing Voyage You Might Not Have Heard About

Posted by jiggy - Apr 25, 2019

Baseball Opening Day 3/28/2019

Posted by jiggy - Mar 26, 2019


Posted by jiggy - Feb 26, 2019

Ross Perot 7/11/2019

Posted by jiggy - Feb 20, 2019

AK Patch: 5/3/2019-Einstein’s Brain

Posted by jiggy - Jan 23, 2019


Posted by - Feb 26, 2019
Listen HERE Author AK Patch is here to answer what we all want to know- Did Napoleon lose the Battle…
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Ross Perot 7/11/2019

Posted by - Feb 20, 2019
Listen HERE Ross Perot died a few days ago. In addition to running for President in 1992 as an independent…
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AK Patch 4/4/2019

Posted by - Jan 20, 2019
Listen HERE Many would agree that inspiration and perseverance are required to achieve anything of significance in life. I accept…
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AK Patch 5/9/2019

Posted by - Jan 16, 2019
Listen HERE Jackson Deforest Kelley- Better known as Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy from the hit series Star Trek is our…
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AK Patch 2/12/2019

Posted by - Dec 11, 2018
About Allan K. Patch: Retired USN Captain Allan Patch grew up in Plymouth, Mass with a family history that dates…
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