AK Patch 7/30/2020

Posted by jiggy - Jul 27, 2020

Lafayette? 7/16/2020

Posted by jiggy - Jul 21, 2020

Dr. Allan Patch 7/3/2020

Posted by jiggy - Jul 3, 2020

Patches of History 6/25/2020

Posted by jiggy - Jun 26, 2020

Patches of History 5/21/2020

Posted by jiggy - May 22, 2020

AK Patch 1/16/2020

Posted by - Jan 17, 2020
Heroism is not limited to the Human Race! One of the most famous birds in history is credited with saving…
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AK Patch 1/9/2020

Posted by - Jan 10, 2020
WHO was affectionately known as the GOAT THIEF? Author AK Patch is with us today to discuss the background on…
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AK Patch 12/19/2019

Posted by - Dec 31, 2019
LISTEN While our nation undergoes a continuing saga of conflict between opposing political parties, we recognize that each of us…
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Dec 7th Anniversary

Posted by - Dec 7, 2019
We’re nearing the anniversary of the Pear Harbor attack on Dec 7, 1941. Today were going to talk about the…
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AK Patch 11/21/2019

Posted by - Nov 22, 2019
Thanksgiving is approaching, and a nation with so much in common looks more divided than ever. Let’s go back to…
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AK Patch 10/31/2019

Posted by - Oct 31, 2019
Listen HERE Halloween is tonight, but did you ever wonder how witches became such a fear in the minds of…
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AK Patch 8/15/2019

Posted by - Aug 15, 2019
Listen HERE Many are wondering how Jeffrey Epstein could have committed suicide in jail when he was supposed to under…
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