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Can You Predict the Future?

Guest Opportunity: Chris A. Jones — Scientific Analyst, Fascinating Storyteller and Fictional Novelist, and Author of “Reversione: Reset The Future” & “Reversione: Lost in Time”

Wouldn’t it be fun to know what comes next? Sure, it might take some of the surprise out of life, but think of all the pitfalls you could avoid.

Bad investments, choices of bridesmaid gowns, soups of the day you wish you had never tried … there are very few of us who have made decisions we wouldn’t change if we had known the results. But maybe you’re one of those few who clearly sees what lies ahead. If so, how does it all work? Can people really predict the future?

Fictional Novelist Chris A. Jones uses his background to share his beliefs. He believes that the past, present, and future are all connected. What happens in the past effects both the present and the future. Our limited knowledge of the way current and past events impacts the future makes it dangerous for us to meddle in the past. His storytelling and future novels will elaborate on these thoughts!

Meet Chris A. Jones:

* Scientific Analyst

* Foresight Inquisitor

* Fascinating Storyteller and Fictional Novelist

* Top Selling Author of “Reversione: Reset The Future” & “Reversione: Lost in Time”

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