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Infowars Tweets Are Deleted After CNN Cites Examples of Twitter Policy Violations

Infowars apparently scrambled Thursday to avoid getting kicked off Twitter — the only big digital platform that hasn’t yet booted the hate-mongering media outfit — by deleting old posts that violated the social-media company’s terms of service.

Twitter chief Jack Dorsey defended the company’s decision on Tuesday to not suspend Infowars and its founder, Alex Jones, from the platform after YouTube, Facebook, Apple, Spotify and others took action to delete or block the far-right conspiracy theory site’s accounts or content. Dorsey, in a series of tweets, claimed Infowars had not violated Twitter’s policies.

However, in a report Thursday, CNN cited about 20 past tweets from the accounts of Infowars and Jones that, by all appearances, did indeed contravene Twitter’s prohibitions against hateful conduct and harassment.–Variety

Tech Expert, Bob Zeidman

About Bob Zeidman

Bob Zeidman is the president and founder of Software Analysis and Forensic Engineering Corporation, the leading provider of software intellectual property analysis tools. Bob created the field of Software Forensics, having invented the CodeSuite® program for detecting software IP theft and measuring software IP growth. Bob is also the president and founder of Zeidman Consulting, a premier contract research and development firm in Silicon Valley that now focuses on consulting to law firms regarding intellectual property disputes. His work has informed court rulings in high-profile court cases including ConnectU v. Facebook, made famous in the Academy Award-winning movie, “The Social Network,” and the landmark software copyright case of Oracle v. Google. Bob has worked on and testified in over 200 cases involving billions of dollars in disputed intellectual property. Bob holds 22 patents and earned two bachelor’s degrees, in physics and electrical engineering, from Cornell University and a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University.

Bob has written five engineering books including The Software IP Detective’s Handbook and Just Enough Electronics to Impress Your Friends and Colleagues! in addition to numerous articles and papers. He has also written three award-winning screenplays and three award-winning novels including his latest, Good Intentions, a political satire about a future dystopia. Bob is an advisor and board member for several startups and several nonprofit organizations.



Bob Zeidman has management experience in the founding and daily operation of various high-tech companies as well as hands-on experience designing, analyzing, and reverse-engineering hardware and software. Mr. Zeidman is considered a pioneer in the fields of analyzing and synthesizing software source code and the creator of the field of Software Forensics. Mr. Zeidman is also considered one of the leading experts in the Verilog hardware description language as well as ASIC and FPGA design. He has written several engineering texts and regularly teaches courses in these areas at conferences throughout the world. Mr. Zeidman is also an experienced and well-regarded expert in intellectual property disputes. Bob is certified in the use of CodeSuite®. He holds a B.A. in Physics and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

Twitter: @Bob_Zeidman

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