Conny Jude, Author of Mended Faith talks Sexual Abuse

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Conny Jude is an expert at helping victims of sexual abuse to learn positive coping mechanisms and discover healing through forgiveness.
Conny is excited to share her empowering story of how faith and the power of forgiveness changed her perspective on how to deal with and overcome sexual abuse. Conny can also share how the maladaptive coping mechanism of self-medicating with drugs, alcohol, and self-mutilation didn’t stop the pain, but instead magnified it.

Mended Faith: A life of Abuse, Pain & Redemption is Conny’s new book (Morgan James Publishing, 2018).

Mended Faith shares her personal journey overcoming these delicate, yet life-altering challenges: Sexual abuse that began at age 4, self-destructive coping (alcohol, drugs, and self-mutilation), and abusive relationships.

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