Counter-attacking the Possible Biden Administration

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Counter-attacking the Possible Biden Administration
By Larry Tracy, Colonel USA (Ret.)

I’m writing this Wednesday evening, November 4, looking at the television screen that shows Joe Biden just six votes short of an Electoral College victory. The Trump campaign is taking legal action and demanding a recount in Wisconsin. They are hoping they can overcome Biden’s lead, but it seems like whistling in the graveyard.

I believe we must be prepared for a Biden-Harris victory. So what can be done?

First, an observation on what is happening in Pennsylvania, specifically Philadelphia. I come from Chester, equidistant from Philly and Wilmington. The corruption of the Philadelphia Democrat party is legendary. In the on-going vote counting, Republican poll watchers have been prohibited from observing the actual counting. In 2012, Black Panthers were near a polling place inhibiting voters by waving steel pipes. Authorities saw nothing wrong with this “peaceful assembly.”

“Raising voters from the dead” occurs with each election. It’s as as Philly as eating cheesesteaks and scrapple. Chicago has nothing on “The City of Brotherly love.”

Before January 20, 2021
Republicans must remind all that Donald Trump is President until January 20, 2021, and the Senate is in session until January 3, 2021. Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Chair of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, should hold Hearings ASAP on the Hunter Biden laptop, and it’s irrefutable evidence that Joe Biden profited from his son’s business dealings in Ukraine and China. This could be the chance to reintroduce Hunter to his former business partner Tony Bobolinski. As I posted recently, failure to link Hunter and his family to Bobolinski at the final debate was a terrible blunder. Because of censorship by the media, many people are not aware of Joe Biden’s lies. If nothing else, it could provoke “buyer’s remorse” in voters.

Democrats and the media will call this sour grapes. So be it. For years, Republican have been gracious losers. Until Newt Gingrich introduced his Contract with America in 1994 and took over the House, Republicans had been in the minority for 40 years. As a Party, the GOP needs to be more aggressive. This would also be an example of “Turn about is fair-play” after what the Obama-Biden did to the incoming Trump Administration.

After January 20:
Temporarily suspend the Filibuster. With the GOP retaining control of he Senate, the threat of a one-party dictatorship has been avoided. Chuck Schumer and others had threatened to end the legislative filibuster so that the Republican Minority had no power to thwart Biden initiatives and could not stop “Court packing” or the idea of admitting Washington DC and Puerto Rico as states.

So why not have a little fun? Can you imagine the reaction of Schumer and other Democrat leaders if Senator Majority Leader McConnell, in the Opening Session of the new Senate, said he had given consideration to “my good friend Senator Schumer’s idea of ending the filibuster. I believe it has merit and we will temporarily suspend it until 2022.” This, of course, presumes, Republican retain control of the Senate, which is probable but not certain.

This would stop any effort to expand the Supreme Court, introduce legislation for the Green New Deal and other economy-destroying initiatives of the Biden-Harris Administration.

Because Biden may not be with us for long, start undermining the character of Vice President Harris, pointing out how she was having an affair with California Democrat power broker Willie Brown while he was married. This could be done with op-eds and television appearances by surogates. Additionally, point out how she ruined the lives of countless young Black men as California Attorney General. For good measure, show how her actions on the Senate Judiciary Committee has demonstrated her anti-Catholic bigotry.

The surprising discovery of 100,000 ballots for Democrats in Detroit may have ended the chance of John James to be Michigan’s junior Senator. Why not hurl the charge of racism at Michigan Democrat leaders who could not abide an outstanding African-American Republican representing Michigan? Apparently the Democrat leadership in Michigan believes, to paraphrase Joe Biden, “if you are a Republican, you aint Black.”

Being on the outside has some advantages, a form of guerrilla warfare adapted to politics.

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