Dan Blatt

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Dan Blatt, the author of the recently published book, Understanding The Great Depression and

Failures of Modern Economic Policy, has over 50 years of experience in finance, law, media, and

government. For nearly the past two decades, Dan has been the publisher and author of Futurecasts

online magazine, www.futurecasts.com.

He was a financial columnist for several business newspapers, headed by the Miami Review, between

1972 and 1984. He was their financial, economic, legal and political columnist. Prior to that, he was a

special adviser to the Congressional Statutory Studies Group, providing comparative analysis of all major

and many minor procurement regulations.

Dan was the author of the spectacularly prescient book, Dollar Devaluation, in 1967. In this book and in

his financial columns, he accurately predicted and explained the economic and financial twists and turns

of those turbulent years. 

For a dozen years, he was an author and managing editor of legal reference material services for the

bureau of National affairs, Inc. (now BNA, Inc.). He has also provided legal reference material for such

publishers as Clark Boardman Callaghan and Lawyers Coop in the fields of partnerships, corporations,

class actions, securities law, and government grants and assistance contracts.

Dan earned his B.A. from Brooklyn College and graduated from Harvard Law School. He had a private

practice for several years and was admitted to the bar in New York, Virginia, and California. He resides

in Granite Bay, California.

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