Danielle W. Carter


Danielle W. Carter, who is known as Dani W in the music world, is an indie artist and songwriter, based in Los Angeles, establishing a breakthrough genre in Ambient, Soul-Funk music with a Pop sensibility. Dani has had the pleasure of performing with notable acts and indie artists alike including Wayne Brady and Judith Hill (from Michael Jackson’s This Is It and The Voice) and Nina Storey. Dani, being of mixed heritage continues to connect with a broad multicultural audience. Dani has performed in Hong Kong, Beijing and Nigeria and is excited to continue creating music that bridges cultures together globally. When not on stage, Danielle works on her jewelry line, ONYX XOXO, in which she meticulously designs and creates each piece herself, resulting in jewelry which is as unique and original as the girl who is wearing it. ONYX XOXO Styling collaborates with local musicians, artists and talent to provide on stage and on camera styling unique to each artist. Danielle whole-heartedly believes in championing and bringing out full expression of local independent artists.

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