Democrats: False Prophets of Doom

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I watched all four days of the Democrat Convention, each day hoping to learn about their alternative solutions to America’s problems than those of Donald Trump regarding the Corona Pandemic, Riots, Looting, Burning, the Economy, Unemployment, Education, Medication, Border Security, Defunding the police, substantially increased Black on Black murder since defunding police, wanton destruction of properties, toppling of historical monuments and the attempts to re write American history by the least competent minds in the USA.

Not once did any of the speakers – including Joe Biden and Kamala Harris – address any of these issues that should have been at the forefront of the convention so that 330,000,000 of “We the People” could make an informed decision whether or not they should vote for Biden and the Democrats. They knowingly and wilfully ignored addressing all these issues because they would most assuredly highlight the incompetence of almost all the Democrat leaders.

All they did during four nights, was the perfect example – if any was needed – of Democrats suffering extreme cases of the Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Every single speaker, young or old, Black or White, male or female, shamelessly indulged in the vilest and most obscene Trump Hate Fest I have ever seen or read about, against any President in the history of the Republic.

Moreover, not once did Joe Biden – the presumptive new president of the USA or his VP Kamala Harris – address the most important foreign affairs events around the world, that have direct impact and relevance to the security of the American people such as: China’s militarism; North Korea; Russia; Iran’s nuclear ambitions or the titanic shifts of Arab/Israeli rapprochement and or conflict.

The Democrats wasted four nights that were utterly devoid of any rational or even useful substance, but otherwise full of vitriolic hate for President Trump and by extension all his supporters. Not once were the American people told about the Democrat agenda.

Biden asked the American people to trust and vote for him because Donald Trump (who entered politics only since 2015) is not only incompetent at all levels: Fiscally, Pandemic, Foreign affairs and Socially, but he is also a Racist, Dictatorial, Sexist, Islamophobic, Xenophobic and other derogatory characteristics.

Any decent and rational thinking American – irrespective of colour, race or background – should point out to Biden and Americans, that he had been a politician for at least 28 years and VP to Obama for eight years, yet he was not able to achieve a fraction of a fraction of what Trump was able to, in the first three years of his presidency before the CoronaVirus pandemic hit the world.

It is extremely relevant that Americans should separate Democrat demonization of Donald Trump from reality. Not once, I repeat not once, was Donald Trump ever accused – in the 50 years before he put his bid for the presidency – of a single accusation of Racism, Islamophobia, Sexism, anti-Semitisms, Xenophobia, Incompetence or any of the other vile allegations that the Democrats have been showering and pelting him with, even before he entered the White House.

Anyone interested can Google Trump’s YouTube interviews, conducted about 40 years ago when he was very young and wealthy by Rona Barret (1980), Donahue (1987) and Oprah Winfrey (1988); even then, he was explaining how so called allies of America in NATO were defrauding American taxpayers by not contributing their fair share of defence. How Japan, China and others were also taking full advantage of Americans’ good will and largess.

Not a single other politician – Republican or Democrat – during these 40 years, did anything whatsoever to rectify these one sided relationships until Trump became President.

When one ponders the reason why, the answer is excruciatingly simple:

All the previous presidents were – one way or another – involved in politics. Donald Trump came in as a businessman who became the CEO of a Corporation called USA with “We the People” as shareholders.

As CEO, Donald Trump must maximize profits, minimize losses and trim any excess bureaucrats and obstacles. He must also, as CEO remove any rules and regulations that impede the success of the USA.

In three years, Donald Trump succeeded in achieving and delivering on all his promises to “We the People”.

It was Obama and Biden who negotiated the utterly insane ‘nuclear agreement’ with the terrorist mullahs of Iran. It was Obama who enriched the mullahs with over $150 billion dollars so that they can spread hatred, death and destruction against the USA and its allies.

It was under Obama, Biden and Hillary that Libya was attacked, Qaddafi murdered and Libya became another slaughterhouse similar to those in Syria and Iraq. It was because of Obama and Biden’s incompetence that the USA is still suffering from these foreign policy disasters.

Americans are being hoodwinked and deceived about Trump and the Russian collusion allegations regarding the 2016 elections because the Fake News do not remind Americans how Obama promised Dmitry Medvedev (26th May 2012) to tell Putin that he will be very helpful to him if he was elected a second term. If this was not collusion with Russia, what was it?

Another extremely important question Americans should ponder: Why would a very clever and patriotic Russian leader such as Putin, rather help Trump – an American patriot who believes in keeping the USA the most powerful nation on Earth – instead of Hillary Clinton, whom he already had in his pocket with the Uranium deal?

For three years plus, Democrats accused Trump and his entourage of colluding with Russia to win the election yet after two years of investigations with $40 million of wasted taxpayers’ money, he was not found guilty; yet the Democrats’ mantra is stuck in a groove repeating itself for ever.

Biden, Obama, Hillary and other Democrats are petrified and desperate because they know very well, that if Trump is elected for a second term, many of them will end up in jail, at the highest levels, because of the continuing investigations by the department of Justice. They are frantic to remove Trump – by any and all means possible – to save their skins.

To achieve their nefarious aim, they are willing to destroy Americans and their economy by refusing to cooperate with Trump in any way shape or form especially financially because they hold the purse strings.

In most of the 70 cities completely run by Democrat machines, they are all bankrupt, lawless and more like cities in Mexico and Africa than the USA. Because they have been ruled by Democrats for decades, these cities are fiscally and socially dysfunctional with murders occurring almost every day without enough Law & Order police officers to deal with the mayhem.

Because the Democrats keep repeating their intentions if and when they rule the USA, we too on this platform, must repeat our warnings to thinking Americans by comparing and contrasting what Democrats intend to do with what Trump is achieving.

The current leftist Democrat party is literally over the precipice with their publicly and repeatedly declared following agenda to transform the USA into a Soviet style Republic:

Open borders for illegals

Illegals will have equal rights to American born citizens in Benefits, Social Security, Employment, Health, Homes, Education and even the right to vote.

No restrictions on Muslims coming to the USA even if they are from terrorist states

Biden will go back to the nuclear agreement with the Ayatollah terrorist regime in Iran allowing them to be a nuclear power that threatens every nation in the Middle East and beyond.

Medicals for all (Hundreds of billions of dollars)

Student loans to be obliterated (Trillions of dollars)

Oil, Gas, Coal and Fracking to be reduced to Zero (to save the planet) while other nations continue to expand these very resources. This will make the USA once more subservient to the will and threat of oil producing nations (Trillions of dollars in lost revenue)

The female right to unlimited abortions even after birth

Defund the police so that criminals will take over the cities as this is happening in most Democrat run ones as you are reading this article

They are attempting to illegally change the Constitution by removing the Electoral College as well as taking away the Second Amendment, even while over five million Americans have become new owners of weapons, to defend their families and property in the face of unchecked and incited lawlessness by the Brown Shirts of the Democrat Party such as, Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Leftist Academicians, professors, educators and students are succeeding in silencing any and all points of view that are not in line with theirs. They invariably use Nazi style thuggery to enforce this.

Left leaning mega information platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are doing the same

To increase taxes and re impose all the oppressive regulations that Trump removed to help Americans get jobs

To achieve their aim of removing Trump, they are doing the following:

1. Blaming Trump for the Corona deaths in the USA although it was of a Chinese source – and Trump reacted to it at the earliest opportunity for which the Biden and the Democrats accused him of racism against the Chinese people – even though not many leaders in any country on Earth have done a much better job in containing it than Trump

2. Making sure not to allow businesses to open so that the economy will continue to slide by deliberately using falsified statistics thus scaring people about Corona

3. Asking for egregious financial demands to be contained in the Stimulus Package in order to cover hundreds of billions of losses made by incompetent Democrat mayors and governors to be included knowing full well, that Trump will not accept such pork barrel additions.

4. Continue repeating the now unfounded accusation of Trump and Russian collusion in the election process in 2016 and even in 2020

5. Completely ignoring every single achievement under Trump regarding the lowest unemployment figures for Black, Latino and Asian Americans in over 50 years; the fastest and best economic recovery in decades; the least number of people on benefits in 50 years; the best positive expectations of Americans in decades; the strongest military; the most energy independent America ever; the best new trade deals and more.

6. Attempting to defraud the American people by using Postal voting whereby illegals, undocumented and even dead people will be included

Not once, had either the Democrats or the Fake Media given Trump any credit in almost four years in spite of all facts and reality to the contrary.

In short, the Democrats are doing their worst to intentionally mislead, deceive and frighten the electorate with Doomsday Prophesies if Trump is elected while claiming that the senile, corrupt and incompetent Biden and Kamala, will be the saviours of the Republic.

Democrats are banking, that most Americans are too stupid and so indoctrinated by the Fake Media, that they will ignore ALL of Trump’s achievements and fall for the Democrats’ obvious failings, corruption and mendacities.

Once again, the future of the Republic will either be saved or destroyed, depending on whether or not Democrats are correct, that most of the American electorate are either too stupid or too apathetic to make a logical and informed decision.

On November 3rd, 2020, Americans and the world will find out

IQ al Rassooli

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