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Detroit, MI — Just one day before Andrew Yang takes to the debate stage in Detroit, the DNC has passed a negative judgement on one poll Yang received to participate in the third and fourth debates this fall. In an email to all campaigns, the DNC advised that two of Yang’s qualifying polls would only count as one due to a rule that each qualifying poll must come from different organizations.

“On July 11, NBC and the Wall Street Journal released the results of a national survey that included a candidate support question for the 2020 Democratic presidential primary. Eight days later, on July 19, NBC, in partnership with SurveyMonkey, released the results of another national survey with a candidate support question. A particularly important rule in our debate framework is the requirement that candidates’ initial qualifying polls be conducted by different sponsors, or if by the same sponsor, in different geographies.”

The Yang Campaign has responded by stating that by the DNC’s own rules, the Wall Street Journal poll should count separately given that they are one of the designated qualifying organizations. Yang has now received qualifying polls run by NBC News, FOX News, Wall Street Journal, and Quinnipiac.

In a statement, Campaign Manager Zach Garuman rejected the DNC decision:

“By the DNC’s own rules, the Wall Street Journal, NBC News, Fox News, and Quinnipiac are all approved organizations, and thus Andrew Yang has qualified for the fall debates. We disagree with the DNC decision and are disappointed with the ruling. It is frustrating to see the rules be changed mid-game, but our campaign has overcome every obstacle placed in our path, and we will continue to upset the establishment well into 2020.”

For more information, please contact Randy Jones at press@yang2020.com

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