Do Online School Methods Work?

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Guest Opportunity: Dr. Kevin Ross Emery — Award winning, Bestselling Author, Radio & TV Host, International speaker and Founder of Wei Chi University (on-line) and Co- founder of Spectrali.US- online holistic community.

An ever-increasing number of students are rushing to the online classroom for the accommodation of gaining school credits from the solace of their home. Are these classes offering the some learning exercises as the physical classroom?

In many cases, students have confusions concerning the thoroughness of online courses, and they frequently belittle the measure of time and order important to finish assignments, exchanges, tests, and tasks. In this way, it is essential for the educator to set the tone of the course to enable students to succeed. So how would you enable your students to prevail in the online classroom?

Dr. Kevin, who has worked in the alternative, intuitive, new age market since the 1970’s, will share where its coming from, where is it now and where is it going.

What are the attractions and benefits of online education
How are people shifting from religious to spiritual and what’s the difference between finding your church versus finding your tribe?
How do you tell the difference between a true psychic and a scam artist?
How can online communities change the shape of the world we live in?

Meet Dr. Kevin Ross Emery
Dr. Kevin is an award winning, best-selling author, International teacher speaker, radio & TV show host, Spiritual coach, counselor & Catalyst, healer, ADD/ADHD field Expert, mentor, Medical intuitive, Medium, psychic, business consultant and ADD poster child.

His creative outflow includes dozens of books, songs, plays, movies, DVD’s, CD’s, and more. His original content has become The Wei Chi System of Natural Healing™, Wei Chi Chakra Healing™, Managing The Gift™ ADD/ADHD Empowerment Sessions, and Synergy Business Consulting, among others.

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