Don Arbor

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San Francisco’s own Don Arbor’s new music video, “Everyone Comes from Somewhere,” is a welcome song for immigrants, honoring Don’s own immigrant roots as well. Powerful, moving, and painfully relevant today, “Everyone” is an anthem for our time. Featuring Don’s pristine vocals and heartfelt message, the track also includes performances from musical luminaries like Barbara Higbie (of Windham Hill fame) and Stef Burns, lead guitarist with Huey Lewis and the News.

Don was inspired to write “Everyone Comes from Somewhere” to counter a disturbing tide of anti-immigrant sentiment that ignores our history. Though we certainly have our faults, we have mostly kept the doors open and the light of liberty shining, and that’s what truly makes us great. Today’s Dreamers are tomorrow’s citizens, just as our parents and grandparents became the patriotic Americans of today.

With a great assist from Bay Area filmmakers Charles Koppelman and Irene Young, Don has woven a tapestry of images that portray our immigrant past and present, along with live footage from a 2017 live performance, to deliver a powerful statement in an unforgettable form.

Early reviews of “Everyone Comes from Somewhere” from Don’s fans include: “Beautiful! It made me cry,” and a “tender poetic welcome, celebrating the diversity that makes our country wonderful.”

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