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— Animated Series “The Weeklings” Burns Up

The Multi-Media Universe

— Indie Children’s Show Registers High Numbers of Followers

On YouTube, TikTok, Instagram

— Trailblazing Animator-Writer Attracts Diverse Audiences to Animation

LOS ANGELES (March 9) — After scoring 5 million views and the attention of Nickelodeon with his
children’s series sensation “The Weeklings,” award-winning animator Jabril Mack is using social
media to entertain a new generation of diverse animation fans.
In summer of 2019, Mack independently launched “The Weeklings,” a comedy series starring the Days
of the Week, on YouTube and TikTok. It has since gone on to rack up millions of video views and
gained more than 180 thousand followers across social media platforms. Mack and his collaborators
create new seven-minute episodes of “The Weeklings” on YouTube every month, as well as daily
content for the show’s TikTok and Instagram followers.
It’s not only kids online who are noticing the innovative talent and effort that Mack puts into “The
Weeklings.” The show’s success has caught the attention of media behemoths like Disney and
Nickelodeon, who have asked Mack to pitch new ideas for their studios. 
“I'm harnessing the power of social media to reach my audience,” Mack said. “I've found a way to
connect with a new generation of cartoon fans. It’s great to see them embracing the show. The genesis
of the idea for ‘The Weeklings’ came from my desire to want to tell stories that I wasn't really seeing
but also not waiting for someone to give me permission,” Mack said.

“The show explores the everyday life of a day,” according to Mack. “It stars the days of the week as
living, breathing characters with personalities that correspond to how each day feels to us. For instance,
Friday is popular, Saturday is fun-loving and happy, and no one likes Monday.”
The premise of “The Weeklings” is based on Mack’s experiences with a group of college friends living
in a dorm, he said. “There were 10 guys on my floor and, just like the days of the week, we all had
different personalities and yet formed a strong bond.”
The Weeklings are roommates who just moved to Calendar City. “They always get into crazy
adventures as they explore and find their places in the world,” Mack said. “Calendar City is the perfect
setting for this because all the characters are holidays. You can get Quinceanera, Kwanzaa, and St.
Patrick's Day all hanging out together being funny but also giving the audience a glimpse into other
cultures from around the world.” I want people to know ‘The Weeklings’ for its over-the-top comedy,
which is grounded in a very real need for representation and characters people can relate to,” Mack
Mack noted that, behind the success “The Weeklings,” he is creating new content aimed at more
diverse audiences, including the African-American community. “There is a hunger for stories and
characters that are different,” he said. “Thanks to the internet, I don’t have to jump over the traditional
hurdles to get my ideas in front of an audience.”
“Weeklings is the first step in creating content that has positive and meaningful representation,” Mack
explained. “I grew up as a black kid in suburbs all across America. I never really saw characters like
me or my family in animation. The industry has been making great strides bringing more diverse
voices to the forefront but I think the animation side still needs improvement. Just like with ‘The
Weeklings,’ I’m not going to wait for permission. I’m working on some new series ideas that will help
redefine how black characters are represented in animation. Now that I have a platform, it’s important
to me to make sure kids can see themselves in my work.”
About Jabril Mack
Jabril Mack is an award-winning animator and writer. Since winning the Nickelodeon Greater Creator
Award at the age of 16, he has produced comedic animated shorts for kids all over the world. In
summer of 2019, he launched his latest series “The Weeklings,” a comedy series starring the days of
the week, on YouTube and TikTok. Mack aims to use his clever comedy and fun characters to entertain
audiences in today’s dynamic digital landscape.
After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in animation from the USC School of Cinematic Arts, Mack
helped brands like Little Tikes, and Stan Lee’s Pow Entertainment bring their IPs to life, establishing
himself as an innovative creator in the animation industry. He continues to push boundaries of
animated storytelling, always being sure to bring his heart and humor into any project he works on. 
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Media Contact: Charlie Barrett, The Barrett Company Communications

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