Donna Carol Voss 10/31/2016

About Donna Carol Voss

A true 21st century woman, Donna Carol Voss evolved from her pagan and radical

feminist days at Berkeley, through 20 years of corporate life, and a decade as a

dedicated parent to become a conservative woman of faith and of carefully chosen

words …by choice, not chance.


Author of a personal memoir and a political manual, Donna had also shared her

considered opinions in the Blaze, Huff Po, and the Federalist, and on radio and

TV throughout the country.

New Book:

Hail To The Chief – 10 Questions To Ask Every Oval Office Candidate is a cross-party,

must-read for every voter that wants to put thought behind their vote. No candidate for

The White house should elude these questions.

Learn more about Donna Voss and her books Hail To The Chief and One of Everything at

Hail To The Chief and One of Everything are available on

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