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Can improving your digestive health help fight spring allergies?

An interview with health educator Dr. Julie Gatza

Spring is upon us. And so are billions of annoying pollen grains released by the trees, grasses, and weeds growing where we live and work.

When those tiny grains are inhaled by those of us who are allergic, they can send our body’s defenses haywire – triggering a variety of unpleasant physical reactions.

Before you run to the store for medications to soothe your sneezing, itchy eyes, and runny nose, a top integrative doctor has a surprisingly simple suggestion for curbing your spring allergy symptoms:

Try adding some digestive enzymes to your diet.

“Enzymes are protein molecules that assist in every metabolic process of the body. Besides digesting food, enzymes also digest other things such as blood clots, growths, and invading microorganisms,” says Dr. Julie Gatza, of the Florida Wellness Center.

“The digestive enzyme protease is a very effective allergy fighter, as it functions to break down proteins, a common component of many irritants that trigger immune and allergic reactions.”

Dr. Julie says that stress plays a major role in the development of allergies due to the effect it has on the digestive system. Stress leads to poor digestion, inadequate intake of nutrients, and reduced performance of our vital internal organs. This leads to insufficient production of all types of enzymes required to keep the body alive.

“When we are stressed, we make fewer enzymes, and as we age, we make fewer enzymes,” says Dr. Julie. “When we consume extra digestive enzymes as dietary supplements, we take a burden off the body so it can better detoxify and heal itself.

For relief from allergy symptoms and optimum health, Dr. Julie recommends taking a “wide-spectrum” enzyme able to breakdown all food forms such as proteins, carbohydrates, beans, dairy, fats, and fruit and vegetable fibers.


1. What are digestive enzymes?

2. How does supplementing one’s diet with enzymes decrease allergic reactions?

3. How long does it take to see a reduction of allergic symptoms?

4. What other health benefits might be expected after adding enzymes to the diet?

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ABOUT DR. JULIE GATZA (Dr. Julie) Co-founder of the Florida Wellness Institute

Health educator Dr. Julie Gatza (Dr. Julie) is one of the nation’s top chiropractic physicians with more than 26 years of clinical practice during which she assisted more than 25,000 patients to resolve a wide variety of physical ailments. Using her understanding of the nervous system, nutrition, and alternative therapies, Dr. Julie’s mission with each patient is to enhance their body’s potential to heal itself. Dr. Julie regularly lectures and educates audiences on how to maintain optimum health with a focus on the role that a healthy, balanced, parasite-free digestive tract plays in maintaining a healthy immune system. She currently serves as spokesman for Nature’s Sources, distributors of the AbsorbAid® brand of plant-based digestive enzymes.


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