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Segment Idea: Want a Fast, Flexible, and Focused Management Team? Teach Them to Iterate /Expert Tips

I’m contacting you with a story idea about how organizations Iterate for optimal communication and responsive decision-making.

The big idea: Iteration is the way effective organizations solve problems whose solutions are too complex to be predefined. Just look for the highest‐performing entrants in any given market. Chances are they’re Iterating.

The so-what: Managers are the feedback system of an organization, and managers who continually ask themselves and their teams what the next logical step to be taken is — and then take it, learn from it and repeat the process — are Iterating.

The source: Ed Muzio is a leader in the application of analytical models to group and organization effectiveness and output. His analytical approach to human productivity has been featured in national and international media, including CBS News, Fox Business News and The New York Post.

Key messages: Muzio guides senior leadership and front line and middle management in understanding the key behaviors that help an organization Iterate. He can address:

How interconnected Iterative ManagementSM tears down the silos created by the typical North American approach to management
How managers manage other managers in an Iterative organization so that the whole organization is coordinated
How to promote front line self-sufficiency
How to successfully structure meetings to enable critical decision-making and ensure commitments are carried out
How to help your reports give their reports insight into the ways their work impacts the big picture

About the expert: Ed Muzio is CEO of Group Harmonics and an award-winning three-time author. An expert in the scientific study of measuring and modifying human behavior, he is a sought-after consultant to business and industry worldwide and a popular media source. His new book is Iterate: Run a Fast, Flexible, Focused Management Team (An Inc. Original, 2018). Learn more at IterateNow.com.

I’d be happy to send a bylined tips piece, “Want a Fast, Flexible, and Focused Management Team? Teach Them to Iterate,” or to schedule an interview with Ed Muzio.

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