Emanuel Khoshaba & Sargis Sangari

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Guest Introduction:​ ​Emanuel Khoshaba Youkhana is Secretary General of the Assyrian Patriotic Party and Commander in Chief of the Assyrian Armed Forces (Dwekh Nawsha) and was born in Kirkuk. He represented the Assyrian people for the Nineveh province in the founding conference of the new Iraq, and the Iraqi Parliament in 2003. Emanuel Khoshaba called for the establishment of the Assyrian Army (DWEKH NAWSHA) forces, to defend the Assyrian people in 2014 after the occupation of IS in the Nineveh Plain​ and is their Commander in Chief. The United Assyrian Appeal.org helps the families of Assyrian Christian soldiers.

Guest Introduction: ​US Army ​Lt​. Col​. (ret.) Sargis Sangari ​is ​the ​CEO of The Near East Center for Strategic Engagement LLC​ ​and ​Founder of the United Assyrian Appeal​​. ​Besides his six years of combat deployment in the Mid East​​ ​​including ​22 Special Forces missions​​, 144 combat patrols​ and commanding men during numerous enemy attacks​​, Sargis​ was accorded diplomatic status in Kuwait as Director of Host Nation Affairs. The United Assyrian Appeal ​focuses on assisting the Military Families of the Dwekh Nawsha​/Assyrian Armed Forces ​to stabilize the well being of Assyrians in Iraq & Syria. ​

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