entertainment critic Maureen Solomon

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a few weeks ago, we got to know Maureen as a guest on this
show…she was especially ecstatic about the movie, “Judy,” predicting
big things for it…how will “Judy” do in the Oscar results?

now, I understand, you are wild about a current movie, “1917”–
tell us about the film, who the stars are and why you think it
will continue to win raves and possibly an Oscar as Best Picture
of the Year…

what do you look for in a motion picture to give it high raves?
Is it mainly the story or the acting?

Let’s look ahead to the Oscars in a few weeks…who do you like
in the various categories?

Tell us about ourbackground in showbiz….I understand you grew
up in Florida…how does the Florida of today compare with the
Florida you knew growing up?

And you also carved a great career in New York City…is the Big Apple
still a mighty force in today’s showbiz?

What about all the stars you met over the years, especially the ones
you met in Hollywood…be a name-dropper–who are among your
favorites and why?

I understand you are also the Creative Director of the Book Publicists
of So. Calif. run by my good friend, Irwin Zucker…what does this job

Will the new year, 2020, in your opinion, be a big year for show biz?

We’ve got to have you back and get your reaction to this year’s Oscar winners.
Thank you, Maureen Solomon.

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