Eric M. Twiggs, Your Procrastination Prevention Partner

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Eric Twiggs is an expert in overcoming procrastination and the author of The Discipline Of Now: 12 Practical Principles To Overcome Procrastination.

He has conducted over 28,000 coaching sessions with entrepreneurs, lead organizations of 500 or more people in corporate America, and shared his message with corporations, associations, and congregations across the country.

Eric will share the story of the one experience in his life that inspired him to focus on overcoming procrastination. He will also share his journey towards finding his life’s calling and gaining clarity of purpose.

Your listeners will receive proven practical principles to help them maximize their time, minimize stress, and break the procrastination habit so that they can accomplish their goals and achieve fulfillment.

Most books on this topic provide ‘one size fits all’ solutions. But Eric’s book provides tailor-made tools and solutions based on each reader’s personality and situation.

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