Expert Available: Trump Ready To Blast The Communist Chinese With Heavy Duty Tariffs

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Beijing vows to FIGHT BACK…
USA, China announce new tariffs in escalation of trade war…

ECONOMIC/TRADE EXPERT: Dr. Michael Busler, Ph.D., is a public policy analyst, economics expert and a professor of finance at Stockton University in New Jersey. He is a featured columnist at Newsmax, Lifezette, and

“President Donald Trump ordered the U.S. Trade Representative to identify $200 billion in Chinese products on which to levy tariffs in response to China’s retaliatory tariffs and threatened more if China refuses to change its “unfair” trade practices.

The move comes after intense negotiations between top U.S. and Chinese trade officials in both Beijing and Washington, DC. China threatened retaliatory tariffs of $50 billion this year when Trump first ordered his officials to consider an additional $50 billion. When Trump threatened another $100 billion in tariffs if China retaliated with matching tariffs, Chinese President Xi Jinping appeared to relent with consideration of reduced tariffs on imports of U.S. automobiles.

Last week, Trump met with U.S. trade officials and signed off on the $50 billion in additional tariffs on China as he recalled in Monday evening’s statement. China shot back with the matching $50 billion that it had previously threatened. However, this time, Trump is raising the stakes over the additional $100 billion he previously said he would consider, charging the U.S. Trade Representative to consider $200 billion in additional tariffs on Chinese goods, with yet another $200 billion possible if China refuses to relent.”


BIO: Michael Busler, Ph.D. is a public policy analyst and a Professor of Finance at Stockton University where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Finance and Economics. He has written Op-ed columns in major newspapers for more than 35 years.



TWITTER: @mbusler

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