Experts: Who Is Sick Of All The Damn Obamacare Robocalls? Or IRS Scammers?

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Hilarious Media Personalities and YouTube Stars Offer Entertaining Yet Instructive Response To Telemarketing Scammers!

SCAMMERS GUESTS: Art Kulik and Ashton Bingham headline Trilogy Media, where they seek out scammers, shams, and double dealers, and waste their time using hilarious word games, improv, and nonsense, with plenty of curse words and vodka drinking to go around! Their mission is to call out the bulls**t, entertain the masses, and continue living the dream life in sunny southern California!

When the comedic duo of Ashton and Artie created Trilogy Media, a YouTube channel featuring live skits to annoy and generally waste the time of incessant telemarketing calls they were being besieged with, they didn’t realize that they were starting a social media juggernaut which also provided instruction to viewers seeking to avoid the scams.

The team now makes live appearances across the country at such places like nursing homes where the most vulnerable victims of these scams reside so they can teach these audiences how to avoid falling into these traps. As the holiday season approaches, these scams will even increase with a wave of fake charity callers looking to raise funds.

How do they do it? For example, engaged in a call with a telemarketer posing as an officer of the Internal Revenue Service, Ashton is read a a list of legal charges filed against his name by a woman with a thick foreign accent.

He is told there is a warrant for his arrest. He’s then transferred to a “senior IRS officer” who tells him he owes the government over $5,600 to which he responds he can’t pay due to medical bills to treat his “plumber’s crack” condition. Once the second scammer get frustrated, he’s transferred to a third IRS representative who takes a fake credit card number from Ashton following which the comic tells him to “burn in hell” and hangs up.

They are building a huge following with their videos that have gone viral. Another part of the is that they are working with a former IRS scammer to rehabilitate him. They have started a GoFundMe page to help raise funds so he can change his life.

This is only one of a bevy of YouTube videos from Trilogy Media, fighting back in an entertaining yet instructive manner against the ever-growing surge of telemarketing scams. Please see below links to two hysterical videos featuring Ashton and Artie.

ABOUT: Beginning with a viral video that SHATTERED the internet in September 2016, TRILOGY MEDIA has exploded its way into internet existence, and birthed what is rapidly becoming one of YouTube’s favorite comedy duos!





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