Finding Relief in Wrestling at an Old Age

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(Tampa, FL) Joseph Sarracino became quite possibly the only man in the world to make his pro-wrestling debut at 61 years-old. On a blue wrestling ring squeezed inside a north Tampa industrial warehouse, he crashes into the canvas, bounces off the ropes and delivers chops to opponents’ chests on a daily basis. All in the hopes of helping his son cope with a tragic loss.

When Sarracino’s wife Carmella, Joey’s mother, died five years ago, attending live wrestling shows together provided an emotional escape for them. To help Joey handle the loss of his mother, pro-wrestling became the vehicle for father & son to address their grief and move forward together. Who knew it would culminate with Sarracino climbing into the ring.

Attending wrestling shows and meeting Joey’s favorite superstars wasn’t enough. So at 60, Joe began training to become a pro-wrestler and on June 9th 2018 made his pro-wrestling debut. Plenty of wrestlers have performed into their 60s and beyond. However, Frank Reyes, head trainer at the academy and a former referee with World Wrestling Entertainment, said he’s never come across anyone as old as Sarracino trying to break into the field. He truly is one of a kind.

Sarracino continues to defy the odds while making his son, now 14 years old, happy. He is packing arenas all over Florida and has become his own national headline. This truly is a remarkable story that everyone needs to witness.

His story has been featured all over by many news outlets. Here is a preview…
WFLA NBC The Daytime Show Tampa:
Bay News 9:
Pro-wrestling debut now:

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