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BORDER BATTLE: Hundreds From Ebola-Ridden Congo Dumped in Texas…


We Build The Wall, Inc. was created by Brian Kolfage to continue to raise private money from everyday Americans to help build a wall on the southern border. Misreports incorrectly stated that the money was being returned – that is not the case!

Setting the Record Straight
To date, he has raised approximately US$22 million to privately fund the wall.
Once the GoFundMe transitioned to a 501c4, all donors were contacted and asked if they wanted their donation to be refunded or if they want it to count toward the new “WeBuildTheWall, Inc.”
The default setting was that if 90 days went by without confirmation, the donor would be automatically refunded so as to ensure their money was allocated with their consent.

About WeBuildTheWall

WeBuildTheWall Inc. evolved after Brian Kolfage launched a GoFundMe campaign at on December 17, 2018. By December 31, 2018, the campaign raised over $18 Million. Following this instant success, Mr. Kolfage consulted with some of the country’s leading professionals in law, politics, national security, construction, and finance concerning the best and most direct method to succeed in his mission.

This team spent countless hours over the holidays reviewing the many issues and hurdles to realizing the construction of a Southern Border Wall. Unanimously, they concluded that the federal government wouldn’t be able to timely accept the donations or directly apply the funds to the construction of a Wall, that We the People and the We Build the Wall Team can better utilize the donated funds to build sections of actual wall on the Southern Border, and the Team could complete significant segments of the wall in less time, and for far less money, than the federal government, while meeting or exceeding regulatory, engineering, and environmental requirements.


BIO: US Air Force Security Forces Senior Airman Brian Kolfage was born in Detroit and grew up in Waikiki, Hawaii. The Air Force sent him to Iraq in 2003. On September 11, 2004, during his second tour, his airbase in Balad, Iraq fell under rocket attack. Brian was thrown into the air, losing both of his legs and his right arm instantly. He remained conscious the entire time. The doctors at Walter Reed National Medical Center began to prepare Brian’s family for his death. He remained in a coma for three weeks but made a miraculous recovery. With incredible determination, Brian walked out of Walter Reed only 11 months after being injured. Today, Brian is the most severely wounded Airman to survive any war. He is driven by his love for life and his family. Brian, his wife and daughter moved into their specially adapted smart home on October 18, 2016.




TWITTER: @BrianKolfage, @WeBuildtheWall

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