Frank Cousinea- Cancer Control Society

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Call him at 209-529-4697 backup 209-605-6196
His organization will be be holding its 47th Annual Cancer Convention this coming Labor
Day Weekend…that’s Aug. 31 (Sat ), Sept. 1 (Sun.) & Sept. 2 (Mon.) at the Hilton Hotel in Glendale.
Calif. (part of Los Angeles)…and it’s open to the public, with reasonable costs involved each day…

It’s a fabulous cancer convention every year, from 8 am to 9 pm daily…a great chance to learn
about the prevention and control of cancer through nutrition, tests and non-toxic therapies and
so much more…our guest today, Frank Cousineau, is ready to tell so much we should know
about cancer and how he got involved with the wonderful host organization many years ago…

Welcome, Frank, how did you personally become such a vital part of the Cancer Control Society and all
the annual conventions?

Sounds like education is the key to the success of these cancer conventions, right?

Give us some of the highlights of each day…how many speakers do you have and what are some of the other
the highlights like movies to be shown…fill us in with the limited time we have today…

Is cancer a world-wide problem? Is it more prevalent or less in a country like Japan where we’ve heard they
have the longest life expectancy over other nations…what are the facts as you see them?

How many different types of cancer are there in your opinion?

What is the most common cancer for women and what is it for men?

Do you feel we are making progress in wiping out cancer? Or won’t we ever have a cure?

I see that you play up cancer survivors at your annual conventions–tell us more about this feature…

Who are some of the top speakers at this year’s convention? And how many exhibits will you have?

You attract attendees from all over the world and especially throughout the U.S. How can our listeners
attend this year’s event? Do you have a website for us to check out? WHAT ABOUT A PHONE NUMBER?

You really help people, Frank…keep up the good work at the upcoming 47th Annual Cancer Convention
this coming Labor Day Weekend at the Hilton Hotel in Glendale, Calif.

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