Georgia on Our Minds: Avoiding a One-Party Dictatorship

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Georgia on Our Minds: Avoiding a One-Party Dictatorship
By Larry Tracy, Colonel, USA (Ret.)
"Georgia on my Mind" by Ray Charles is the official State Song
of Georgia. It was written by Hoagy Carmichael in 1930.
Whoever thought we would be hearing it in 2020 as the
warning sign that our democracy was in danger?

If Republicans gain one of the January 5 run-off elections in
Georgia, they gain a 51-49 control, and Senator Mitch
McConnell remains Majority Leader. Lose both, and Senator
Chuck Schumer has a clear path to packing the Supreme
Court, and bringing in Washington DC and Puerto Rico as
states, meaning four additional Democrat Senators.

While we can hope Senator Perdue retains his seat, the odds
are better for Senator Loeffler. In her race, she had to contend
with fellow Republican Doug Collins and 17 other opponents, in
addition to her Democrat adversary, Reverend  Warnock. He
received  about 33%  to her 25%. But Collins received 20%
which otherwise would have gone to her.

Assuming all of Collins supporters vote for Loeffler in January,
that still leaves 5%. Who are they? Will the go Democrat or

If the Republicans maintain control, we MAY dodge the bullet.
However, because of the legislative filibuster, Schumer could
wrest control, as the filibuster is designed to protect the
interests of the Minority.

If Senator McConnell remains Majority Leader, he should
suspend the filibuster until 2022. It may be the only option
Republicans have to avoid the disaster Minority leader
Schumer would visit upon the country if he has the filibuster
available. By suspending it McConnell would render the 48/49
Democrats powerless, and the only legislation Biden would get
through would be what McConnell wants to gets passed.

An added benefit. Taking this power from Schumer would
infuriate the far-left element of the Democrat party. Bernie,
OCO and their colleagues might say "We campaigned hard for
Biden, and all we got is this lousy Biden-Harris T-shirt."
If the Republican efforts to prove voting fraud fail to stop
Biden from becoming President, the GOP should consider using
its final two months in power to expose how Biden can be
susceptible to blackmail by China due to his-and his son’s-
business relations with a Chinese energy company. This can be
done by appointing a Special Counsel, or at least holding
Hearings where Hunter Biden and former business partner
Tony Bobolinski testify under oath.
This could undermine Biden’s presidency, but at least the
Biden-China link would be in the open, lessening China’s
Unless China has other information on the Bidens we do not
know of.

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