Growing Old Sucks, But it Doesn’t Have

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By Mark Alyn & Servet Hasan

Growing Old Sucks! We’ve all said it. Sure, there are some bad things about getting older, but
the good things far outweigh the bad. As we age, we gain experience and wisdom (at least
some of us do), we mellow and ripen (some of us smell like old cheese too) and we have
freedoms that we never had while we were young.
From sex to dining, relationships to work, Growing Old Sucks illustrates how you can have the
life you’ve always wanted.
Most importantly, this book will show you how to age with attitude, taking a stand that growing
old really doesn’t suck! Aging is one of the most compelling issues today, with record
numbers of seniors over sixty-five worldwide!   
Mark & Servet are scheduled to appear on multiple programs such as In Hot Water, The
Information Overload Hour, Here’s To Your Health and Fit Life with Eraldo. Together or
individually, they can speak on topics focused on aging such as:
·         Men and Women (Differences and Similarities)
·         Money, Work and Retirement
·         Dealing with the challenges of social isolation during COVID19.
·         De-aging Diets & Exercise
·         Memory & Hearing Loss
·         Intimacy
“Growing Old Sucks, But it Doesn’t Have To is the perfect blend of humor and practical advice
on how to no longer measure age as a number, but rather by its eternal impact on our lives and
the lives of those around us. The number of years we spend on earth is irrelevant. It’s how we
live those years that count.”—— Terry Cole-Whitaker, Best-selling author of What You
Think of Me is None of My Business
“Intentional living can happen at any age. You choose it. This book makes the beauty and
brevity of life a laugh out loud party, complete with family, friends and ongoing growth. Live it
up!”—— Dr. Joe Vitale, Bestselling Author, International Speaker and Featured Teacher in
“The Secret”

Talking with people is what Mark Alyn is all about. He is
super nosey, which has helped him become an award-
winning talk show host and producer. With more than
30,000 interviews spanning at least 10 years, he has chatted

with business leaders, health pros, politicians and people
on the street. He has anchored local news, reported in the
field and hosted a movie trivia program. As a former
restaurant and food critic, he never gets invited to dinner.

Servet Hasan is the award-winning author of Life in
Transition, An Intuitive Path to New Beginnings, as well
as The Intuitive Heart of Romance and Tune Him In, Turn
Him On (all published by Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd). A
student of the mystic masters of the Far East, Hasan is also
a renowned motivational speaker who inspires others
through her television and radio appearances, live
seminars, and workshops. Born in Pakistan, she is also a
citizen of England, Canada and the United States. She
considers herself a spiritual ambassador of the world. 

Language: English
ISBN- 9798667361664

Growing Old Sucks, But it Doesn’t Have To is available for pre-order August 3, 2020 from

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