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Book: Concerning the Nature and Structure of
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Author: Winston Perez
Info On Guest: Author Winston J. Perez, winning raves
for his unusual fascinating and fun
book, “Concerning the Nature and
Structure of Concept”
Key Word: …the word “Concept” versus “idea”

About the Author:
As featured in the New York Times, Winston is the creator and founder of
Concept Modeling, a discipline that can help you perfect your film, idea,
technology or business. It is about getting down to the core of anything and
everything. It centers on the difference between an idea versus a concept.
Do you know the difference? The truth is we were never really taught the
true difference or the unique nature of concept itself—thus Winston’s new
book, Concerning the Nature and Structure of Concept.
With the book complete, Winston is going back to working on film and
technology projects for Hollywood producers and studios. Past and present
clients include: Warner Bros., Dreamworks, NBC/Universal, Relativity
and others.

Suggested Questions:

1. What is your book about?
2. Explain what it is you do… what is this concept work you do?
3. I understand you work on movies. What do you do for movies?
4. Can you give us some examples of how concept modeling work applies
to films?
5. You also work on businesses, technology? Is that different from film?
6. Tell us more about what is in your book?
7. Can you give our audience some insight on ideas? And concept? I
guess… the difference between an idea and a concept?
8. So how do you define your work… what you call concept modeling?
9. How did you come up with concept modeling? They mentioned it was
more like a discovery?
10. How can this help our listening audience?
11. Is concept modeling hard to learn?
12. What do you love about it?
13. Now with the book written, good reviews coming in, where do you take
from here?
14. Where can we buy your book? Is it available now?
15. One last question… you are known for saying “Let’s Rock This Thing!”
Why is that?

What People Say About Winston’s Work:
New York times was ahead of their time writing an article some years
back. In their Sunday edition article, the NY Times’ described this work as
“the process of getting down to the bottom of things.”
One NY Times caption suggesting that Winston was “…the Guru of
Concept Modeling.”
Quote: From Hollywood Film side
“I have been in Hollywood for over 20 years, been involved in some of the
biggest film franchises, worked with some of the worlds best talent and
won an academy award and I can tell you that Winston is a must for any
filmmaker, studio and brand in the world! The only way I can describe it, is
he is like an archeologist who can decipher why humans will or won’t
connect to your ideas and thematics. A one of kind.” – Nicholas Reed,
Oscar winning producer
Quote: From Business & Startup side
Winston Perez is a visionary whose achievement as founder of the field of
Concept Modeling is a secret weapon for those in the know.
In the future, I have no doubt that Concept Modeling will become the Rosetta
Stone of business strategy. Today, it is the smart choice of forward thinking
companies and managers in every industry who want to leverage Concept
Modeling to unlock the code to innovating brand and marketing success,
generating revenue, and establishing themselves as thought leaders.
In particular, I have found its relevance to entertainment and technology fields to
have been transformative and have made me look like a genius to my clients
over-and-over again. I have also had the privilege of sharing in watching the
evolution of his forthcoming book, which promises to set the bar as the bible on
strategy and beyond for business books in the future.
– Kevin Stein, EVP, Augmently, Inc

General Info on the book:
Ideas and concept (singular) are entirely different things. They represent
two separate worlds. Everything — your movie, business, ideas or
technology — is dependent on understanding that difference, and on
understanding concept itself.
Ask someone you know: What’s an idea? Wait for their response. Then
ask: Then, what’s a concept? Did you note some confusion? Yet every hit
movie, and every great discovery, breakthrough, advancement in history is
also dependent on that difference as well. It is the reason Winston works
on films, and even technologies, for major studios in Hollywood.
Read about Winston’s work in NY Times or Do you have an
idea for a film? Or a new disruptive technology? Or a new business? Or a
scientific theory? This book represents an revolutionary next step in driving
innovation, creativity and discovery.
It offers:
o New definitions for idea, concept and thought.
o It reveals the Laws of Concept
o The principles establishing an entirely new, critical discipline:
Concept Modeling.

C: 310 497-5148

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