Guest: No Post Election Healing? Democrats Label Republicans ‘Racist/Bigoted/Sexist’ As Political Divide Intensifies

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“Democrats can apparently tolerate anything except for Republicans.

A stunning 61 percent of Democrats labeled Republicans as “racist/bigoted/sexist” when asked which words they would use to describe the other party, while 31 percent of Republicans said the same thing about Democrats, according to a poll released this week.

Not that Republicans were particularly fond of the left. They preferred to dub Democrats “spiteful” (54 percent) and “ignorant” (49 percent), while 54 percent of Democrats said Republicans were ignorant and 44 percent called them spiteful.

When it came to “evil,” there was a tie: 23 percent of Republicans used the word to describe Democrats, roughly the same share as the 21 percent of Democrats who said so about Republicans.

Charges of racism, once rare in politics, have become commonplace under President Trump, with liberals routinely attacking the president for his stance against illegal immigration, and left and right attacking each other in an increasingly hostile atmosphere.”


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