GUEST: The National Skills Gap Crisis

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There are six million open jobs in America right now, with no one qualified to fill them…that number will grow to eleven million unfilled jobs by 2025. These are high paying jobs that don’t require a college degree, highlighting the national skills gap between what today’s employers need and what today’s job seekers have. How can we close this skills gap when schools are laser focused on getting students to college, instead of ready for a job or career?

Mark Perna is CEO of TFS Results and an extremely popular public speaker at corporations around the world on increasing productivity and employee retention. His new book, ANSWERING WHY (Greenleaf Press, September 2018) outlines his wide experience on how to transform the approach job seekers young and old take when preparing for careers. He points to examples that show how America’s branch is creaking, from the college debt epidemic to a misaligned education system, and how in times past the creaking branches and national crises of WWII and Sputnick spurred high-tech innovations that solved issues we couldn’t previously tackle. This national crisis also underlines the overall problem of an awareness gap that today’s students have about the multitude of careers and education paths that don’t necessarily follow the traditional route of a college degree in order to secure a career.

During interviews, author Mark Perna would discuss:

–The growing skills gap and how to close it
–The awareness gap of potential careers in extremely high demand that don’t need a college degree, but do require hard skills
–The Career Tree that was crafted by over 150 professional educators that show students and parents hundreds and thousands of jobs available, all with unique training or education requirements that don’t need an expensive 4-year college degree
–How many young people don’t want the types of jobs their parents or grandparents had, and what to do about that
–Who college and the pursuit of a 4-year degree is right for and how to make that work instead of being an expensive piece of paper

ANSWERING WHY helps unlock the potential of today’s young people and job seekers of all types, while delivering hard-won experience about how anyone can achieve their goals and make a difference in this world.

Speak with Mark Perna for an entertaining and engaging look at how to bridge the awareness and skills gaps and change America’s course from falling behind the rest of the world to once again take the lead in progress and more.

About the Author:
Mark Perna is the CEO of TFS Results and a genuine, warm and engaging speaker. He has over 20 years experience in coaching educational organizations and businesses on today’s unique intergenerational workforce and the hiring, training and retention of the newest generations. Perna makes companies more profitable, competitive, and productive by coaching businesses and educators on how to communicate with the Why Generation and unleash their tremendous abilities.

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